Heather Heliger, Soprano

Learn to sing: Lessons for your Enjoyment and Life

Singing lessons taken weekly on a one on one basis are the fastest way to achieve results with your vocal training. Individual attention and custom tailored voice lessons insure that you have a greater depth of understanding as to how your voice works and how you can use it to achieve your goals.

Singing lessons begin with one third to one half of your time spent on technique. This includes posture alignment, breathing technique, tonal onset exercises, vowel formation, and muscle relaxation.

 You will then transition to musical study for the remaining time of your lesson. This can be a song that you have chosen, or Heather is happy to suggest music to be studied. Songwriters are welcome to sing partially finished materials, their latest new song, or work on a cover that they’d like to understand better.

 In your lessons you will learn more about how your voice works, and how you can incorporate singing technique to fine tune your vocal palette and achieve greater range, power and expression.